How do I publish my RFP?

Your RFP is ready to go, now what?  Where do you need to go to invite contacts to respond and how do you publish your RFP?

First, the RFP must be completed and approved before you can proceed, so a quick review of the sections and questions might be in order.  Once approved, click on the Invite Vendors from your RFP Dashboard . Click to add your vendors from the list. 

Return to your Dashboard, and next add your Scoring Team, then you can click on the red Publish icon. 

Next you'll be taken to a series of screens where you can make several selections, including whether or not you need to publish a public link for anyone to respond externally, and whether or not you would like the option to view responses as they come in vs. waiting until the actual due date. 

The last page will give you the option to personalize your message to your vendors and confirm. 

Your RFP is now officially published, and no other changes can be made in the meantime, except through using an Addendum. 

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