Can I upload an Excel sheet that includes drop-down options?

Oftentimes an RFP requires a variety of different types of answers. Text is the most common, but what about drop-down list options?

If you've been handed an Excel spreadsheet with a series of drop-down menu options, you can use the RFP365 template that's available to you to help you upload questions and even the drop-down options. 

For example, you can upload a Security Questionnaire that has text-based responses and various list options (like yes, no, meets, doesn't meet, future, not applicable). 

Note on limitations: There are many ways to create drop-down lists in Excel (technically part of cell Validation). If the validation options are saved in the cell, we can work with those. But if they reference another range, we cannot handle those. So it depends upon how your prospective client setup the validation rules (unfortunately). 

To Upload from Excel

1. Click on Add a section at the bottom of your page and select the Bulk Upload Sections option. 

2. If you've not created your spreadsheet yet and copy/pasted your Question and Answer pairs, you'll want to Download the blank spreadsheet template. 
NoteIf you've saved a template prior, you will need to replace it with the new one as of November 2016.

3. Copy and Paste your Questions in Column A, then populate Column B with the type of response such as list or text. 

4. Column C will be the corresponding list such as Yes/No or True/False to validate. 

There is also an Instructions tab on the template itself outlining this process. 

Don't know where to go to set up your "Data Validation" for Column C?  See these screenshots:

The Data Validation window looks like this.  Select List type from the drop down menu, then enter your values, separated by commas.  As an example, Yes, No, NA. 

Setup List options inside RFP365

If you upload questions into RFP365 as text-type responses, don't worry. You can also setup list options at the Section and even at the Question level. 

In the Proposal Details page, you'll even see those lists on the right-hand side. So you can edit the options if necessary. 

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