How do I fill out the XL template to upload Questions and Answers in my Knowledge Base?

When you are ready to build out your Knowledge Base of prior Question and Answer pairs you've answered in prior proposals, you can use the RFP365 XL upload template.  It's a simple XL spreadsheet that has several columns to fill out. 

First, access your Knowledge Base and click on the Upload Content link in the upper right hand corner. 

This will take you to the Upload Content Page.  Click on the blank spreadsheet template hyperlink. The XL spreadsheet has 2 tabs, one with Instructions, and then another titled Knowledge.  In this tab there are several columns, 2 are required fill out, A and B. 

Save your workbook, and then return to RFP365 and click on the orange Upload your completed template button. In just a few seconds, your question and answer pairs will be ready to go and access in your Knowledge Base. 

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