Can I edit my RFP after I publish it?

Once a deadline for an RFP is set in RFP365, it is locked down and several things happen on both the Issuing side of our platform and for the vendors that you've invited. This is necessary for all the tracking events we have built into the system. 

For those who are Publishing the RFP, we recently added an Editing option. The following are actions you can take depending upon the sort of edit you need to make:

1. Publish an Addendum - if you need to add in additional section(s) for your vendors to read, including new questions for them to answer.  
To learn how to add an Addendum, please see this Help article here

2. Use the RFP365 Message board - if only some clarification is needed about your RFP and you're not requiring any additional answers or requirements from vendors, you can send a group message to all via the Message board feature to update everyone at once. 
To see how to use the RFP365 Message board, please see this Help article here 

3. Edit your RFP or Profile and take it temporarily "offline" - New feature. To read more about this click here.

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