Can I move around questions within my RFP while I'm drafting it?

A lot can change as you're writing your RFP.  Additional information may be requested from your clients or last-minute changes just might make better sense. The good news is RFP365 gives you lots of fluid editing possibilities before Publication. 

Go to your RFP/Profile Outline view:

Once you are in the outline of an RFP or Profile that has not yet been published you can put your cursor over the question number to have a four-way arrow icon appear. 

Once it does you can then drag-and-drop your question either up to the first spot or last spot in the Section or anywhere in-between.


And then there it is. The question has been moved!

If you happen to want to move a question from one section to another section, please check out this help article: How do I move a question from one section to another?

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