How do I submit a proposal after the due date?

***Before you get to this step you must have your proposal completed to 100%***

After an RFP's due date has passed you may still have the opportunity to send your proposal to the Issuer.  The first step you will take is from the Outline tab where you will click on "No Bid." 

After you click on "No Bid" a new screen will appear and you can type in a message to the Issuer to request that they accept your past due proposal. After you type your message you will click "Send This Request."

You will get a confirmation that states that your request has been submitted.

Once you submit your request, it will be up to the Issuer to decide whether they accept or reject your request. The issuer has the option to click "Accept" or "Reject." If the Issuer Accepts your proposal it will go directly into the scoring phase on their side, if applicable.

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