How should Knowledge Base responses that are list response type come into my Outline response?

Imagine this scenario:

You have previously had a List Response type (possibly even with Comments) that your company has Saved to the Knowledge base.

Now, when you in an Outline where a List Response type exists with a drop-down with the same Yes/No or True/False, etc... you will not be able to bring over that prior response and its comment if there is one in one click of the Use Response button.

After clicking Use Response, we now bring it over in one-click. 

NOTE: If the content does not match the options in the list drop-down, you will only get the content in your Comments response field below the drop-down.

Other response types (for invited responders from within RFP365) that you may have responded to previously like: Attachments, Number, Scale, also follow this method where they match up.

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