Can I view my Key Phrases for a KB item and change them?

Of course you can!

You can go into the Phrases tab within a Knowledge Base (KB) item.

There you will see key phrases that have been automatically populated if there is content that is worthy for the question and/or the response.

To remove a Key Phrase that you believe is irrelevant, press the Delete trash can icon.

You can add the Question Key Phrases and Response Key Phrases. Press either of the + New buttons to be shown a Create a new key phrase field. Add the desired word or phrase that could increase the relevancy for this KB response for future proposal responses.

Making too many changes to your key phrases could reduce the relevancy of your search results, so add/remove sparingly.

The order of the key phrases does not matter.

When you add on to a Key Phrase you will need to save the new information by clicking the save icon as shown below.

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