How do I pass a task to the Approver?

While working your next proposal, responses will go through various statuses:
  1. "NS" (not started)
  2. "IP" (in progress)
  3. "PA" (pending approval)
  4. "R" (rejected)  OR "A" (approved)

When you are finished writing your response, you can pass the task to the approver.
Note: If you are the writer and the approver, by selecting 'Mark as Complete', your task will automatically be Approved. 
If you are the writer, click on the button "Mark as Complete". This will pass the task to your approver, who will receive an email notification that it is time to approve your response(s). Once you have clicked "Mark as Complete," you will see the "IP" (in progress) status icon change to "PA" (pending approval). Once the approver approves the response, the icon will change to "A" (approved).

To see the overall progress of your Writers and Approvers, click on the Dashboard button in the upper right-hand corner.

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