How do I answer questions in my RFP?

It is time to read your RFP and start preparing your responses. 

Use the sections navigation on the left-hand side to click through the different sections. The counters help you see how many questions are completed out of the total. 

Depending upon the source of the RFP (whether it was uploaded from an external source or was created by another client of ours inside the platform), your response may be of many different types.
  • You might have to pick responses from drop-down choices
  • You might have the option of including comments (plain-text comments)
  • You might have checkboxes from which to select
  • You might have free-form rich-text response area, where you can insert images and format your response
  • You might have to attach one or more files
Save your responses and you can come back later. 

A question that requires you to choose from a drop-down menu, such as a Yes/No/NA or Agrees/Disagree type answer will look like this. 

When you are finished with your response, mark it for completion so the approver can review it

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