How do I format my responses in RFP365?

When you are working in RFP365, you may have various response types. The creator of the RFP may allow you to prepare formatted, free-form text responses. 

If you have a free-form response: 
When you click into the response area, a text editor will open. There is a 2500 word limit, but lots of formatting and attachment options. 

You have a lot of formatting options here. You can hover over the button for more info.

There are other features to help you as well:
  • Search - so you don't have to keep typing the same thing for every RFP
  • Workflow - so you can involve your colleagues
  • Response Options, so you can change your response to be a list or text response 
  • History - so you can see who has been helping you and how, and all changes that have been made over time to that answer. 

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