How do I send a message to the RFP owner or a team member?

When you are working on an RFP response, you may need to send a message to the RFP owner. Our Messages page also lets you send messages to your internal team (the team working on your proposal). 

You can even specify the Section and Question to which your message pertains.

Any messages you send become part of the record of this Proposal. 
  • If you send a message to your team, all of the writers and approvers will get an email copy of the message. This email will have a link to bring them back into the Proposal.
  • If you send a message to a specific team member, only that person will get the email. But the message will be displayed on this page for anyone on your team to see.
  • If you send a message to the RFP Point of Contact (the owner), that person will get an email and will be able to message you back. 
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