How do I submit my Proposal?

When you finish your response to the RFP, you'll be able to submit your final proposal. 

A couple of things needs to happen first. You will not be able to submit incomplete or unapproved proposals. 
  1. Review your proposal and make sure all responses are complete.
  2. Ensure all of the responses have been approved.
  3. Submit the proposal by using the big red button in the top-right corner. 

If you have incomplete or unapproved responses, you'll be prompted to fix them prior to submission. Upon a successful submission, the Proposal owner (your coordinator) will be notified via email. 

If you need to find out which team member is your Proposal owner, click on the Details button. 

Remember that your responses are saved in your own RFP365 account. So the next time you come out here, you'll have access to your responses and your team members. You can read more about our features here

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