How do I create a new RFP?

Create an RFP (or RFI) when you have some vendors whose capabilities you want to compare. 

From the Dashboard, look for the ‘+’ icon on the RFP list box.
Or, from the RFP List page, click on the orange button that says New RFP upper right hand corner.

Note: Only Administrators and Managers can create new RFPs. 
Creating a new RFP/RFI requires an RFP credit from your account. If you don't have enough credits in your account, you'll be taken to the Billing page.

  1. Enter some basic information (such as the RFP name, a short description, and the response date/time).
  2. Select whether you want to start with a blank RFP, use a past RFP, or use a Template you’ve created.
  3. After you save the basic information, you can start building the outline of the RFP. Most RFPs have multiple sections. Each section can have an overview and multiple questions.
  4. You can call these sections any name. You can assign writers and approvers to each section.
  5. You can set the relative weight for each section to support weighted scoring later.
  6. Continue building sections and questions as if making an outline in a text document.
Read more about creating sections and questions in an RFP

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