How do I create a new Proposal?

If you have an RFP to which you need to respond…or, if you just want to prepare a proposal for a potential client, you can create a proposal in RFP365. And we have multiple different ways to create your Proposal and customize it as needed.

**Important Note**  If you have been INVITED to an RFP or Profile, then this section is not applicable for you.  This is only for Self-Initiated Proposals. 

Note: only Administrators and Managers. In your account, you'll need to enough credits to create a Proposal. If not, you'll be taken to the Billing page.

From the Proposal List page, click on the button that says “New Proposal”. 

You'll be taken through a couple of pages to fill out the Details of the Proposal such as Company names, Tags, Deadline and Point of Contact etc.  Then the final page that appears gives you several options for your Proposal:

1.  Starting with a Blank Proposal - where users can upload an XL template for Sections, Sub-sections and the questions therein OR  by individual Section and manually adding or copying/pasting content.

2. Copy an Existing Proposal - if there's a Proposal that you and your team have used before that closely matches the format and "architecture" you need, you can copy it from a list of prior proposals and create in 1 click. 

3. Import a whole RFP from a Word/PDF or Excel doc - configure the Sections and Questions easily with a "drag and drop" mapping tool. 

For more information on how to create a Proposal from an existing Word docx, please see this article -

If you're choosing the Start with a Blank Proposal or Copy and Existing, the next page is the starting point for each Proposal entered into RFP365. Click on Add My First Section to get started. 

There are 2 tab options, to add one Section at a time or to upload a whole group of Sections (and Sub-sections) along with their corresponding sections with our XL upload sheet.  

No matter which way a you decide to use to set up and create your Proposal, you can always click and drag to move Sections or Sub-sections around and edit any entries once uploaded into RFP365. 


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